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XVIII Festival de Arte Independiente en el mes de abril de 2006

Por Sztuka Fabryka

18th “Independent Arts”-Festival
with international Mail-Art meeting & Mail-Art project
Friday 21 till Sunday 23 April 2006
Call for entries / proposals

[01] Introduction:

Since 1988, the "Independent Arts"-Festival has grown towards an international known event for any form of creativity. The aim of the Festival is both to present an overview of independent creativity world wide, performed by communication networks, and to create a meeting place for exchanging the acquired experiences. The Festival mainly focuses on artistic activities performed in scenes such as home-tape, Mail-Art, street art, small press, … On top of that, video, performance and fine art artists do get the possibility to exhibit and perform their creativity. As such, the "Independent Arts"-Festival is unique in its kind.

[02] Goal:

Issue 18 will focus itself on the interaction between artists and an estimated public of 700. The public will not only be able to “see” but also to “do” in various ways. For participating artists an extra challenge.

[03] Open for participation:

This Festival offers artists world-wide the opportunity to exhibit or perform any form of creativity. Participation is free. This can by being present and interacting with the public, sending up your artworks or art proposals for interaction with the public. The "Independent Arts"-Festival is a non-profit event, organised on a voluntary base by non-paid volunteers.

-o- Street Art: Stencil graffiti, stickering, postering, ... or any form of personal creativity related to street art.
-o- Fine art: Guest exhibitions from local young artists whom did not have, as yet, the possibility to exhibit their artwork.
-o- Mail-Art: Mail-Art or correspondence art has been part of international arts scene since the 50's by means of aesthetic items as rubberstamps, artistamps, artist trading cards, fluxus bucks, decorated postcards, ...
-o- Small press: A view on the scene of independent publications and small press, comic books or artists books. For many years, zines, or self-edited and self-published magazines, have become an essential communication form in several sub-cultures.
-o- Performance: Performance art is, with its mix of fine art and theatre, an almost unknown form of creativity. Spoken word, literature or poetry reading can undeniably be part of the Festival.
-o- Video: The world of moving images has broadened substantially as video, animation, independent film and documentary have been here for ages, with the internet and web-video becoming its most recent additions.
-o- Home-tape: In the homegrown-tape scene, musicians have been recording their synth stuff on cassette tape from the early 80's onwards, and mailing them directly to anyone interested. Since then slowly moving towards CD-recording and creation of new independent labels.

[04] Interested to participate:

Send your proposal to Sztuka Fabryka. Deadline for proposals are 1 August 2005, 1 November 2005 and 1 February 2006. Your proposal will be discussed by the organising “Hotel Volzet”. If your proposal has found a space within the programme, you will get noticed soon.

For more information contact Sztuka Fabryka or visit the website for more information.

Sztuka Fabryka - c/o De Decker Geert - Kerkstraat 290 - 9140 Tielrode - Belgium
Tel & Fax: 03 - 770 84 64

Address of Residence only available in case of visit


[05] International Mail-Art meeting:

The Festival is a meeting place for Mail-artists and other networking artists from around the world. A designated area in the Festival space will be reserved for Mail-artists to meet. Even more than the past years we offer visiting Mail-artists possibilities to interact with the public. Several tables with art material will be present for Mail-artists to be creative on ATC's, fluxus bucks, artistamp sheets, blank paper, ... Interested to join the international Mail-Art meeting and to swap your Mail-Art with a large public and other Mail-artists? Write us and experience the 18th "Independent Arts"-Festival.

[06] Mail-Art project "The Earth Charter":

Friour Network Magazine Project: "The Earth Charter" organised by Guido Vermeulen.
This is a call to send artistic contributions around the four basic principles of the earth charter:

I. Respect and care for the community of life.
II. Ecological integrity.
III. Social and economic Justice.
IV. Democracy, non-violence, and peace.

Free size and medium (all visual expressions and poetry / texts)
Deadline is December 31, 2005.
Contributions will be united in a new issue of Friour Network Magazine and exhibited at the 18th "Independent Arts"-Festival.

For info on the Earth Charter: please visit

Mail your contributions to:
Friour's Earth Charter Project - c/o Guido Vermeulen - Vincottestreet 81 - B-1030 Brussels - Belgium
or by Email to:

Do not send your contribution for this project to Sztuka Fabryka.

[07] Guidelines / rules:

Setting up the Festival with approximately 70 participating artists asks some co-ordination. Therefore we ask you to take notice of following guidelines / rules:

  1. “Hotel Volzet” is bound to its own guidelines / rules, not to those which are practiced in any kind of art scene or network. Nor should it be linked to any specific art scene or network.
  2. The resources for organising this Festival are limited. Therefore “Hotel Volzet” makes a selection of the proposals to set up an official programme with official artists. Non-selected artists are welcome as visitors.
  3. “Hotel Volzet” can help in finding or provide dormitory. Catering will be available for official participants only, when this will be provided by “Hotel Volzet”. “Hotel Volzet” will not provide anything which wasn’t agreed.
  4. Arrangements have to be made at least one month before the Festival, after this no more help will be given in providing food, shelter or transportation. No exceptions will be made as “Hotel Volzet” will focus itself on setting up the Festival only.
  5. “Hotel Volzet” will not change the schedule of its programme for any reason at any time, without exceptions.
  6. It is the artists responsibility to adjust his/her travel plans towards the schedule of the Festival.
  7. Misconduct or the failure to produce the agreed participation may cause the loss of the conditions we agreed in return.
  8. The participant must be aware that the circumstances (space, schedule, noise level, …) of the Festival can be different from the circumstances in which their activity is performed or shown usually. We ask the participant for understanding and for some adaptation towards the specific circumstances, as they are a part of the concept of our Festival.
  9. We are not responsible for any personal or material damage caused during the Festival.
  10. Every mail send to Sztuka Fabryka or “Hotel Volzet” will not make it as a definitive participation to the Festival, unless it has been agreed otherwise, or when “Hotel Volzet” invites you to make it a participation to the Festival.
  11. Unless agreed otherwise submitted material (documents, tapes, DVD’s, CD-Roms, photographs, …) will not be returned and will remain property of “Hotel Volzet”, as part of its international art archives. Our aim is to promote the artists and their works in other festivals, shows and non-profit cultural activities, in Belgium and abroad. No contribution will be used for any kind of activity with commercial profit in mind.
  12. The artist / license holder's rights to the work remain completely unaffected, especially the right to reproduce and distribute or otherwise make use of it. “Hotel Volzet” solely asks for the right to include the material in the 2006 'Independent Arts"-Festival and non-public exhibition right to use and screen the work in all our future projects.
  13. We ask the right to publish some representative artwork in the Festival promotion material (website, press map, …).
  14. “Hotel Volzet” is committed to clearly indicate which artists are responsible for the works shown.
  15. A written statement will be asked to certify that you hold all necessary rights for the submission of this material and that you agree to the “Hotel Volzet” screening rules as outlined above.
  16. After agreeing to your participation we will ask you for some information, we would like you to respond to this as soon as possible and as completely as possible. Failure to give it within the time as asked may be seen as finishing your participation to the Festival.
  17. Failure to send in material by the deadline asked which we need to set up the Festival may be seen as finishing your participation to the Festival.

[08] Free Zone:

To broaden the Festival towards other visiting artists, a “Free Zone” will be present for non official participating artists to hang up their artworks. “Hotel Volzet” has the right to refuse and remove artworks, for example artworks which are considered as offensive and to make sure that others can show their artwork also. “Hotel Volzet” is not responsible for any damage.

[09] Catalogue / gift:

All contributing artists to the Festival will get a catalogue (CD-Rom format) / gift in return, available for participants only, produced as an unique piece by “Hotel Volzet”.

[10] Website Festival:

A regular update of the Festival programme with full information on the participating artists can be consulted at the website:

Information about hotel accommodation and the location of the Festival can be found at the website also.

[11] Organisation:

The 18th "Independent Arts"-Festival is curated by Sztuka Fabryka, and organised by “Hotel Volzet” (Bétime, Sztuka Fabryka, Nico Van Cleemput and Dries Pauwels). In co-operation with O.J.C. Kompas, the Cultural Centre of the city Sint-Niklaas, the Academy of Fine Arts and the Municipality of Sint-Niklaas.

[12] Festival location:

"De Vierkante zaal" - Van Britsomstraat - Sint-Niklaas - Belgium
"De Vierkante zaal" is the exhibition hall of the local Academy of Fine Arts (Stedelijke academie voor schone kunsten), situated in a building complex which also comprises the City Theatre (Stadsschouwburg).

[13] Belgium the “Heart of Europe”:

Do you plan to visit Europe? Why not in combination with the Festival and discover Belgium ( Sint-Niklaas is located almost in the middle of the Flemish part of Belgium and offers the possibility to visit many cultural cities: a train trip to Antwerp and Ghent takes 30 minutes, to Brussels and Bruges one hour, ... Easy access to other European cities as London, Paris, Amsterdam, …

Please pass on this Festival news to your contacts who might be interested in participation to this event.


Sztuka Fabryka - c/o De Decker Geert - Kerkstraat 290 - 9140 Tielrode - Belgium 
Tel & Fax: 03 - 770 84 64

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